KTH Mobility Pool

Reduce size, avoid emissions, increase flexibility: This project will create, test and evaluate a pool-service for light electric vehicles in Botkyrka and in Älmhult.

In 2014, the Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL), a research centre at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, begun a research project called KTH Mobility Pool involving several partners: IKEA, Botkyrka Kommun, Hertz, Renault, Gröna Bilister, EcoTraffic, and Seamless. The project is designing, testing, and will evaluate an innovative approach for local mobility that aims at changing an everyday practice of people when commuting to work. Instead of driving conventional cars to work, the project wants to encourage people to leave them at home and combine different modes of transport as well i.e. bicycle or public transport.

KTH Mobility Pool is a new approach to car sharing for it integrates small size electric vehicles (Renault Twizy) and intends to offer a distinct mobility service for local mobility at a large workplace. These vehicles are suitable for short-term mobility and they have a very low environmental impact and are energy-efficient, therefore providing a cost-effective mobility service for both users and fleet owners.

Projektägare KTH ITRL- Project owner and managers. www.itrl.kth.se, KTH Green Leap- Design and user insights. www.greenleap.kth.se, Botkyrka kommun, IKEA i Älmhult, Hertz, Gröna bilister, Renault, Eco Traffic, Seamless. Finansieras av Energimyndigheten

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